RV And Motorhome Insurance Costs

A Wide Variety of Insurance Coverage Including the Following

  • Class A Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class B Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class C Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage
  • Fifth Wheels Insurance Coverage
  • And Much More!!!

Are you searching for “RV Insurance Costs” or “Motorhome Insurance Costs” while trying to get an idea of how much it is going to cost to buy insurance for your Class A, Class B or Class C motorhome? If so, this page should help! If you would like to see how much Overland Insurance Services can save you! Click the link for a free RV Insurance Quote or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-677-4027.

RV Insurance Costs Averages

*These are average RV Insurance Costs – Please keep in mind that your RV Insurance Cost could be different than what is shown below. RV insurance rates depend on where you live, how much coverage you select, if your a full-timer or not and how much your RV is worth.

  • Highest RV Insurance Costs: $4490/year or $374.16/month
  • Lowest RV Insurance Costs: $860/year or $71.66/month
  • Class A RV Insurance Costs: $1150/year or $95.83/month
  • Class B RV Insurance Costs: $1000/year or $83.33/month
  • Class C RV Insurance Costs: $900/year or $75/month

RV Insurance Costs Vary State To State

Motorhome and RV Insurance costs were widely varied in 2015-2016, with RV insurance costs ranging from $860(lowest RV insurance cost in 2016-2017) to $4490(highest RV insurance cost in 2016-2017) in annual costs. There are many factors that directly affect your RV or motor-home insurance rates, such as what state you live in and what your driving history looks like(do you have speeding tickets, accidents etc?) your RV insurance cost will surely be higher than an RV’er that doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect your RV insurance rates and some of the common types of RV Insurance Coverage’s and their associated costs. Anytime you need a custom RV Insurance quote or more information about rates, contact an Overland Insurance* member agent. Overland Insurance agents are knowledgeable and dedicated to customer service. Talk to an agent in your city today to fully comprehend the cost and insurance coverage’s for your recreational vehicle.

Here Are Some Common Types RV Insurance Coverage Premiums And Their Associated Costs.

  • Michigan’s Annual RV Insurance Cost Average: $4,510 / RV Insurance Cost Per Month: $375.80
  • District of Columbia’s Annual RV Insurance Cost: $2,610 / Average RV Insurance Cost Per Month: $217.50
  • Oregon’s Median RV Insurance Cost Annually: $1,097 / RV Insurance Cost Per Month: $91.40
  • Texas’s Estimated RV Insurance Cost Yearly: $1,425 / RV Insurance Cost Per Month: $118.75


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Highest RV Insurance Costs By State

The state of Michigan has the highest overall RV insurance rates with a median premium of $4,510 per year and $375 per month. Why is RV Insurance In Michigan So Expensive? Michigan has mandatory laws that force RV Owners to purchase PIP (Personal Injury Protection Insurance Coverage), which makes the RV Insurance agencies cost for your Insurance claim more expensive. Louisiana comes in 2nd place with a median premium of 2,890 per year and $248.80 per month. Your motorhome or RV Insurance rate will also be affected by state laws because each of the different states have their own requirements for the amount and type of recreational vehicle insurance coverage. Call Overland Insurance Agency to find out what your state’s requirements are.

Lowest RV Insurance Rates By State

The state of North Carolina has the lowest overall motor home and RV insurance rates with a median premium of $870 per year and $72.50 per month. Oregon is the second lowest RV Insurance coverage and Massachusetts ranks 3rd with an RV insurance cost of $1,098 per year ($91.50 per month). Insurance rates in Massachusetts’s rates are so low because there is so much competition among agencies, and just to compete, agencies reduce rates to attract new clients. When there is a surplus of anything in the world, competition goes up and prices go down.


Here are the major 9 factors that affect your RV & Motorhome insurance costs!

  • Speeding Tickets & RV Accidents – Have you had several traffic tickets or been in an accident? You are considered a greater risk for an RV insurance agency, which will increase the cost of your coverage.
  • The Class of RV Driven – Depending on the type of motorhome you drive, the cost differs for each class (Class A, Class B and Class C Motorhomes) all have different limits and costs to provide coverage for.
  • Older Motorhomes – The condition and age of your RV matter. Coverage’s are based on not only age but the wear and tear of the motorhome. For example: Even when comparing the same model and year of RV’s, each could cost a different amount based on how many miles driven, wear and tear it’s been through already.
  • Experienced Drivers Save On Rates – Driving an RV isn’t the same as driving a car or truck. Motorhome drivers need time to adjust to abnormal driving conditions usually not experience by cars and trucks. For example: RV Drivers need to worry about height restrictions, big blind spots and leaving extra room for back swing when turning just to name a few. You are less risky to the insurance company if you have experience driving an RV already.
  • The State You Live In – States with higher rates of thefts and accidents make you insurance costs higher. Also, areas with severe weather conditions(blizzards and thunderstorms) and mountainous terrain have more dangerous conditions on the road making your RV insurance costs higher.
  • How Many Miles You Drive – People who only drive their motorhomes every once and a while will pay a lot less money towards coverage vs. a full-timer. Full-timer RV insurance costs more because full-timers usually drive 1,000’s of miles a year. The more miles you drive, the higher your insurance rates.
  • Use Of RV As A Residence – Full-timers use their RV as their main source of residence, making their insurance cost more for 2 reasons – because you are driving more miles and because of the risks that are associated with your RV as a home instead of a residential address. Click here to see the Full-Timer RV Insurance coverage we offer.
  • Past Claims Filed – If you file multiple insurance claims on your RV, your insurance rates will go up. You will have small mishaps while learning to change lanes properly or navigate turns, so if you have the money to cover these costs out of pocket, do so. It could save you a bunch of money on your monthly insurance rate.
  • The Amount Of Coverage You Buy – The amount and type of coverage you purchase directly affects your insurance rate. This is where you will set your limits on how much coverage you want to purchase and what kind of deductible you are comfortable with. Don’t want to pay a higher deductible? Well, you insurance rate will be higher.


You will have a number of coverage choices to choose from when you meet with your RV insurance agency such as the amount of coverage you need for your personal property in your RV and the amount of liability coverage you carry to cover others in case of an accident. Get a free RV Insurance quote from the trusted agents at Overland Insurance! Your agent will be able to compare rates & insurance costs from different companies and personalize your RV insurance quote to get you the best possible rate for your Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Class A, Class B or Class C Motorhome or RV. We also provide free full-timer RV Insurance quotes.