RV Insurance Kentucky

A Wide Variety of Insurance Coverage Including the Following

  • Class A Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class B Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class C Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage
  • Fifth Wheels Insurance Coverage
  • And Much More!!!

Are you searching “RV Insurance Kentucky” while looking for affordable motor-home insurance coverage? If so, Overland Insurance can help! Call us today at 800-677-4027 or get a Free Kentucky Insurance Quote. RV enthusiast’s simply love Kentucky. Where you will find a gorgeous countryside, making driving more enjoyable while on your way to any number of destinations, such as the horse country on the outskirts of Lexington, or perhaps the Mammoth Cave National Park. Since your RV gives you all the luxuries of being home you can even park it at the Cave Run Lake located in Daniel Boone National Forest and enjoy yourself a relaxing vacation, like being at home, yet, away from home. Whether it is one of your goals of a cross country trip or a nice family trip be sure to get the protection of Kentucky RV Insurance before heading out.

RV’s We Insure

  • Your class A motor-home is an RV that is large enough to have bedrooms, bathroom, and even a kitchen.
  • The class B motor-home is naturally smaller in size and has been basically designed with two people in mind and for those shorter trips.
  • Then there is the class C motor home, which is also referred to as a mini motor-home and it is good on gas, so it is considered the best when going on vacations.
  • The motor-home bus conversion is where they have taken a bus and converted it into an RV.
  • The travel trailer is a motor-home that does not have a motor, instead, it is pulled behind a vehicle.
  • The motor-home referred to as the fifth wheel is one that is attached by a fifth wheel to the vehicle pulling it.
  • A truck camper is an addition that is put on a truck for camping.

RV Insurance Coverage In Kentucky

It doesn’t matter if you have a camper or a full size RV, having the proper coverage is significant to getting the coverage that you need. Although it is a requirement for you to have liability coverage in order to be able to drive your vehicle, you should realize that liability coverage is usually never enough when a serious accident occurs. The specific risks that come with owning an RV or motor-home is something that you can only be sure you’re getting when you get an insurance policy from Kentucky RV insurance. They will see to it that you purchase the amount of liability coverage you’re going to want to have, plus they offer many other options, so be sure to ask them about these options.

The main policy may cover the repairs that are needed after having an accident, however, you will also want to make sure you have medical coverage to pay for any injuries received. You can get medical coverage with medical payments coverage. Do you carry a lot of personal belongings when you travel? If so, you are going to want to have insurance for contents coverage (like having a home owners or renter’s insurance policy). Be sure to check with the independent agent you have about potential injuries of passengers and how it effects the liability insurance, as well as the general RV insurance you have. Another good question to ask is “What happens if someone should cause damage to an RV while it is parked?” You can get all of your question answered by an Overland RV Insurance Agent, and they will also be able to fix you up with a policy that will fulfill all of your needs.

Whenever you are ready to have your vehicle insured you can choose between selecting each of the coverage types you need individually or you can choose protection package. The protection package will cover your vehicle completely.


Ronald Jarvie is a Nationally Certified Insurance Counselor Agent Since 1995!

Individually, or in a Complete Package

Comprehensive Coverage – This is to cover damage that occurs from a non-accident, such as storms, theft, and vandalism.
Liability Insurance – This protects you for damages to another person, whether it is bodily injury or property damage.
Collision Coverage – This will insure damage to your property from an accident.

Contents Insurance – This will insure and replace the items kept inside of your motor-home. Those with RV’s are more apt to need this type of coverage as they may have more personal things inside of their motor-home than they would normally have in their regular vehicle.
Roadside Assistance – This isn’t actually a type of insurance; it is letting you be a member of a motor club that dispenses help to their members when an emergency arises. You simply call them if you should need to be towed, change a tire, and to have your battery charged.


If you think the only way you can get inexpensive insurance in Kentucky for your RV is if you get the minimum needed to drive, which is liability, you could end up with a coverage that costs you more with all is said and done. It is best to start out with enough insurance from the start. Some of the factors that can affect the amount you pay for your policy include the following:

  • How good of a driving record you have.
  • How bad of a driving record you have.
  • Whether or not you have filed a lot of previous claims.
  • How much coverage you end up getting.
  • Do you drive your RV often?
  • How far will you be driving your RV?
  • Where do you live?
  • What type of RV do you own?

Have Peace Of Mind With A Customized Plan

You should never avoid getting an insurance policy that is needed in order to save yourself a little money! In order to have peace of mind while you are traveling you will want to get a personalized insurance plan, one that is going to meet your needs. You can get insurance quotes for your Kentucky motor-home from an Overland RV Insurance Agent to review, and they will also help you to make the appropriate selection of the coverage you need.


Get in touch with a local member agent of Overland RV Insurance today and start traveling down the right road by having comprehensive coverage. Call us today at 800-677-4027 or get a Free Kentucky Insurance Quote.