RV Insurance Oregon

A Wide Variety of Insurance Coverage Including the Following

  • Class A Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class B Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Class C Motorhomes Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage
  • Fifth Wheels Insurance Coverage
  • And Much More!!!

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What is RV (Motorhome) Insurance?

RV owners will have complex coverage needs. This is simply because RVs have to have vehicle coverage when they are being driven and they also require homeowner type of coverage when using them for a home. RV insurance will provide both types of insurances in one package. It will also offer different coverage options like full-timer liability insurance which is designed to meet the unique needs of a RV owner. Many RV insurance companies will offer a variety of coverage options, which will enable many Oregon RV owners to build a policy that is perfect for their situations.

Find An Affordable RV Insurance Policy In Oregon

When it comes down to getting RV insurance, many owners of RVs in Oregon will have as many coverage options as they do camping grounds. From campgrounds along the Pacific Coast to RV parts in the scenic Columbia Gorge/Mt. Hood area, RV owners are able to enjoy various vacation retreats, without having to leave their home state.

Insurance coverage for these unique home on wheels can be a bit expensive, so it is vital that any RV enthusiast in Oregon compare RV insurance quotes and policies before they make a final choice on what to go with.

Benefits To Owning A RV!

  • There are more than 215 RV parks in Oregon.
  • Vacationing in a RV allows quality time for families to enjoy.
  • 73% of RV owners stated that they save money on family vacations
  • Traveling by RV reduces illness exposure and health risks that you could get from planes, hotels, and trains.
  • There are thousands of RV campgrounds all over the U.S.


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What Type Of Coverage Is Included In RV Insurance?

RV insurance policies will offer various types of coverage. RVs are a vehicle first and foremost. There are some things that you could expect to be included within your policy that are vehicle related which will include these types of coverage options:

  • Collision Coverage – This will cover the needed repairs or replacement of your RV if it receives damage in a vehicle collision, no matter whose fault it is.
  • Vehicular Liability Coverage – This will cover the cost if a third party has property damage or injuries because of a collision where you are at fault. Because an RV is quite large and heavy, it could cause a lot of damage in a collision. You need to have liability coverage that is over the minimum requirements for your state. You may even want to supplement your policy with umbrella insurance.
  • Roadside Assistance – This will cover the cost of towing from RV specialists if your RV will become inoperable when you are traveling.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This will cover you against damage or loss that was caused by non-collision related events such as falling objects, theft, fire, vandalism, severe weather, and floods.
  • Campsite Liability Coverage – This is often called vacation liability insurance and is similar to full timer liability coverage but covers a shorter time period. You can purchase this coverage for when you are living in your RV at a campground like during a 2-week vacation.
  • Full-Time Liability Coverage – This is for people who live in their RVs for several months out of the year or year round. It provides similar liability coverage that traditional home owner insurance normally offers.
  • Contents Coverage – This will cover your personal property that is inside of your RV against loss, damage or burglary. This will include clothing, décor, built in appliances, electronics and cookware.


Shopping around for inclusive and affordable RV insurance can be time consuming and hard. Luckily, if you decide to work with an independent agent at Overland Insurance Agency, this will be much easier. Your local agent will be able to answer your questions about the various coverage options and can help to pick the right coverage needs and then work with various insurance companies to give you a selection of policies that you can pick from. There are several Overland Insurance agents that have offices in Oregon. You will be able to find and contact an Overland agent near you to learn more about RV insurance and to begin comparing your RV insurance quotes.

What Type Of RVs Does RV Insurance Cover?

RVs come in a variety of styles and types. Even though they are referred to as RVs, towable campers and 5th- wheel trailers are not motorized vehicles, so they need trailer insurance instead of the regular RV insurance. The types of RVs that need to be insured with RV insurance in Oregon will happen to include the following:

  • Class A RVs – These look like large buses and are considered to be top of the line RVs. They may include unique amenities like bedrooms, laundry areas, bathrooms, kitchen, and climate control. They can range between 24 and 40 feet long and may weigh between 15,000 to 30,000 pounds.
  • Class B RVs – This is the smallest type of RV. They have very close living quarters and are very affordable and can be maneuvered easily. They often look like vans and these RVs may have pop-out or pop-up camper features that help to increase the size of the living area.
  • Class C RVs – These RVs look like a truck and are very similar to a Class A RV when it comes to amenities, but they have a smaller living area. Unlike the Class A, a Class C RV will have separate driving compartments that have an overhead bunk that goes over the truck cab. These types of RVs will weigh between 10,000 to 15,000 pounds.

Are RV Insurance Quotes High in Oregon?

There are several considerations that need to be considered when calculating a RV insurance quote, like the following.

  • Number of miles you expect to drive yearly
  • Type of RV you own such as Class C, Class A, or Class B RV
  • Purchase price, make, model and year of your RV
  • Your driving record, credit score and claims history
  • Amount of your deductible
  • Amount of coverage being purchased
  • How long and how frequently you will use it as a home

Normally, the average rates will start around $800 yearly for a Class C RV and will go around $4000 yearly for a Class A RV. Because RV insurance rates may vary significantly from every insurer, it is best that you obtain at least 3 types of RV insurance quotes before you finally select your policy.


There are several Overland Insurance Agents in Oregon, contact an agent in your area and start comparing insurance quotes. Receive a free Oregon RV Insurance quote by giving us a call today at 1-800-677-4027.